Virtual Reality Stereo Cubemap Solution

Click to watch the video!

Here is our CubeMap Solution for Virtual Reality.
We tried many VR-Options, but at the end we found starting with Cubemaps is a good Idea. There are several reasons for this.   Our test persons had some problems. Headaches, for example, through a complete interactive solution with game-like movements. Overload through the input interfaces. (not everyone is a gamer)

Problems with cabling, you have to stand by to avoid accidents. In the end, there was always a discussion about the meaning of VR.
The solution you can see in the video is very reduced and works best with the mobile oculus gearVR. What you only need is a swivel chair and the gearVR with a smartphone (recommended Samsung galaxy s7).

After a really small instruction, you can leave the people alone - that is also nice for them because they do not feel incompetent. It was the first time that the guinea pigs said something like:  Wow, but the carpet in the entrance is really ugly, or I do not like the integrated lights on the ceiling.
Now you can finally start talking about the real topic!